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Mayapple Soaps

Cold-process soap featuring garden-grown and wild-foraged herbs, and plant-based colors

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Discover shampoo bars: with 4 different formulas for every hair type — all palm oil free!

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I’m Mother Mayapple, founder of Mayapple Soaps.

Want to know more about what’s in these perfectly natural soaps — or more importantly, what isn’t? Check out the philosophy behind Mayapple Soaps.

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What They are Saying

  • Woodsman Shaving Soap
    The shave soap is a real beard buster. The lather was thick and covered the brush and beard well, without disappearing fast. My skin didn’t get irritated either.
    Mike S.
  • The lather of the Mulberry soap is hearty, but washes clean. The warming scent lingers, but doesn't overpower you. I especially love the way my skin, and my bathroom, smells after I use it.
    Kara R.
  • Dandelion Shampoo Bar
    I'm hooked on the shampoo bar from your soap collection! No need to have another shampoo product in the house. My only struggle will be finding enough soap dishes for all your amazing products!
    Christy A.
  • Today I’m restocking Turmeric goat milk soap. Instead of solar infusing, as I do with other herbs, this will go in a crockpot on low. That’s because the turmeric is fresh! In a few hours the oils will take on the orange color you see in the photo. (#nofilter) I’ll use the oils to make soap with #rawgoatmilk from @56hooves. 🐐🧡🐐🧡🐐🧡🐐🧡🐐🧡🐐🧡
This soap is perfect for dry skin in winter. It’s super moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. Turmeric benefits are well studied. If you struggle with acne, eczema, or rosacea, switching to a natural soap like this may help. The warm scent of ginger, lemongrass, and turmeric also can’t be beat. 
Wondering why I didn’t chop three rhizomes? Those I’ll root in some water and plant in early spring. Just one way to keep the #plantmedicines rolling!

#folkherbalism #turmericsoap #plantsoverpills #selfcareroutine #practicalmagic #turmericbenefits
  • The main ingredient in these #herbalinfusions is patience. For 6 weeks, sunshine gently coaxes potent #plantmagick into the oils. I’ll shake them everyday or as often as I remember to. Then I’ll strain them, and use the oils in soaps and lotions. #grownyourown #gowildlyandslow #rewild #wildcrafted #healingherbs #wildwomansisterhood
  • First snow of the year!
  • Today was my final market, and the shortest day of the year. Now as the sun sets, ❄️ Winter Solstice ❄️ reminds me to slow down. Some winters, I make ambitious plans to sew a quilt or master a new skill, but honesty I need to rest. So instead, I drew a hot bath, and felt thankful for a wonderful season. When days are short and dreary, we need to honor the natural cycle of the seasons. If the spirit moves you to wassail a little, do that too, but go easy on yourself this winter. Hibernate, as creatures do. In the end, spring will be impossibly sweet when it arrives. Serviceberries will bloom, and we will all be reborn in sunlight.🌞
  • Just playing on a sick day. 💚Happy Winter Solstice, fellow plant lovers.